Programs List
Degree Major Duration Of Study Teaching Language Tuition Fee
Bachelor Civil Engineering 4Year(s) Chinese 20000 / Year
Mechanics and Automobile Engineering 4Year(s) Chinese 20000 / Year
Electronic Information Engineering 4Year(s) Chinese 20000 / Year
Traffic and Transportation 4Year(s) Chinese 20000 / Year
Architecture 4Year(s) Chinese 20000 / Year
Application Material
1. Photocopy of Passport, valid period of passport shall be enough for study period.
2. Application form for International Students.
3. Physical Examination Record for Foreigner
4. Photocopy of high school graduation certificate
5. Photocopy of HSK certificate
6. High school degree or above; HSK 5 or above
How to Apply
1. Download the Application form for International Students from the website of International Programs Office of Tongji Zhejiang College or ask for the form from International Programs Office

2. Send all the application documents directly to International Programs Office of Tongji Zhejiang College or by e-mail to;

3. Tongji Zhejiang College (TZC) will check the qualification. It will take about 2 weeks as usual. TZC will inform the student by e-mail whether he or she has been accepted by TZC. If accepted, please wait for two months so that TZC will submit all the documents to Zhejiang Education Department and Zhejiang Foreign Affairs Office to obtain the visa form (JW202 Form)

4. TZC will send the visa form and the enrollment letter to the student by express according to the address on the Application Form. The student has to hold the visa form, the enrollment letter and Physical Examination Record to Chinese Embassy or consulate in foreign country to get the student visa (X visa).

5. The student complete the registration in Academic Affirs Office TZC before the registraton date listed in the enrollment letter.

School Life

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  • Sports Hall
  • Inner Sports Hall
  • Dormitory
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  • Teaching Building
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