Programs List
Degree Major Duration Of Study Teaching Language Tuition Fee
Junior College Chinese Language 3Year(s) Chinese/English 12000 / Year
Hotel Management 3Year(s) Chinese/English 13000 / Year
Air Crew 3Year(s) Chinese/English 13000 / Year
Culinary Technology and Nutrition 3Year(s) Chinese/English 15000 / Year
Application Material
1. Candidates for various training programs
Foreigners and overseas Chinese, at or over the age of 18 and in good health, may apply for enrollment in various training programs.
2. Application form
An application form could be sent to
3. Passport and 6 two-inch photos

How to Apply
1. Present the passport and 6 two-inch photos to the teacher of International Education Department.
2. Get the key to the dormitory from the reception of the dormitory building, pay the deposit and check in.
3. Get the meal card. Operate the meal card as a supermarket card, canteen card and library card.
4. Pay the tuition fee, textbooks fee and other fees.
5. Get the timetable, academic calendar, rules and regulations.
6. Get the textbooks.
7. Transact the International Student Card. Fill in the information and hand to the teacher of International Education Department. The card would be valid only after sealing by faculty office for registration. Please keep it properly, if it is lost, you should report to our department and we will apply for a replacement in time.
8. Go around the campus.
9. Present the passport and its photocopy and fill in the Residence Permit Application Form for Foreigners and go to the Exit-Entry Administration Center to extend the residence permit.
10. Have a welcome party for the new foreign students and invite the policeman to give you a lecture on the Exit-Entry Administration Policy and Regulations.
Application Time:
The spring term: application form could be accepted from December 10th to January 30th
The autumn term: application form could be accepted from April10th to August 30th

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