Programs List
Degree Major Duration Of Study Teaching Language Tuition Fee
Junior College Accounting 3Year(s) Chinese/English 20000 / Year
Business Management 3Year(s) Chinese/English 20000 / Year
Internet Finance 3Year(s) Chinese/English 20000 / Year
Computer Application Technology 3Year(s) Chinese/English 20000 / Year
Graphic Design 3Year(s) Chinese/English 20000 / Year
Application Material
(1) Completed application form
(2) Photocopy of your high school or undergraduate diploma, whichever is most recent
(3) High school or undergraduate transcripts, whichever is most recent, in Chinese or English.
(1) Foreigners and overseas Chinese, at or over the age of 18 and in good health.
(2) Applicants are required to have had schooling equivalent to, or higher than that of a Chinese senior middle school graduate.
How to Apply
(1) Contact with JNPI,, receiving the application material list and operation methods to help apply.
(2) Prepare for the relevant application materials.
(3) Apply for the VISA
(4) When arrive in China, fill in the Residence Permit Application Form for Foreigners.
(5) Fill in the physical examination form and go to the Entry-Exit Inspection and Quarantine of Jiaxing.
(6) Pay the fee for insurance
(7) Pay the tuition fee and other fees.
(8) Fill in the registration form, Visa and Residence Permit Application Form and go to the security bureau to extend the residence permit.
(9) Get the timetable, academic calendar, rules and regulations and sign the agreement about the study.
(10) Transact the ID card. International students should use the ID card to dine in dinning room and operate the ID card as a library card.
Application Time:
Spring Semester: apply before January 31st
Fall Semester: apply before July 31st

School Life

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