Programs List
Degree Major Duration Of Study Teaching Language Tuition Fee
Bachelor Education 4Year(s) Chinese 24800 / Year
Literature 4Year(s) Chinese 19800 / Year
History 4Year(s) Chinese 19800 / Year
Management 4Year(s) Chinese 24800 / Year
Science 4Year(s) Chinese 24800 / Year
Economics 4Year(s) Chinese 24800 / Year
Law 4Year(s) Chinese 24800 / Year
Agriculture 4Year(s) Chinese 24800 / Year
Clinical Medicine 5Year(s) Chinese 29800 / Year
Art 4Year(s) Chinese 29800 / Year
Engineering 4Year(s) Chinese 24800 / Year
Master Education 3Year(s) Chinese/English 28800 / Year
Literature 3Year(s) Chinese/English 22800 / Year
History 4Year(s) Chinese/English 22800 / Year
Management 3Year(s) Chinese/English 28800 / Year
Science 3Year(s) Chinese/English 28800 / Year
Economics 3Year(s) Chinese/English 28800 / Year
Law 3Year(s) Chinese/English 28800 / Year
Agriculture 3Year(s) Chinese/English 28800 / Year
Clinical Medicine 3Year(s) Chinese/English 32800 / Year
Art 3Year(s) Chinese 32800 / Year
Engineering 3Year(s) Chinese/English 28800 / Year
Doctor Education 3.5Year(s) Chinese/English 29800 / Year
Literature 3.5Year(s) Chinese/English 29800 / Year
History 3.5Year(s) Chinese/English 29800 / Year
Management 3.5Year(s) Chinese/English 34800 / Year
Science 3.5Year(s) Chinese/English 34800 / Year
Economics 3.5Year(s) Chinese/English 34800 / Year
Law 3.5Year(s) Chinese/English 34800 / Year
Agriculture 3.5Year(s) Chinese 34800 / Year
Clinical Medicine 3.5Year(s) Chinese/English 39800 / Year
Art 3.5Year(s) Chinese 39800 / Year
Engineering 3.5Year(s) Chinese/English 34800 / Year
Language Student Chinese Language 1Year(s) Chinese 18000 / Year
Name and Category of Scholarship Target Students Admission Rate Amount(CNY)
Scholarship Type A Doctoral degree, Master’s degree student Full Scholarship Year
Scholarship Type B Doctoral degree, Master’s degree student Half Scholarship Year
Application Material
Applicants must be non-Chinese citizens in good health, have graduated from high school, and be under the age of 30. Applicants must abide by Chinese laws and university regulations and respect Chinese people’s custom. Applicants to literature, history, education and law programs must score 210 in HSK grade 4 or above; applicants to science, engineering, agriculture, economics, business, and medical science programs must score 190 in HSK grade 4 or above; applicants to Chinese Language Program must score 180 in HSK grade 4 or above. For applicants to English-instructed MBBS program, Chinese proficiency is not required.
1. Please log on the Online Application System to fill in the form online and print it and sign your name. (
2. Senior high school diploma (original copy or notarized copy in Chinese/English); Graduating high school students can provide pre-graduation Certificate instead (in Chinese/English).
3.Transcript for all the courses in senior high school (original copy or notarized copy in Chinese/English);
4. HSK certificate (for Chinese-instructed program applicants).
5.Two recommendation letters from high school teachers (for English-instructed MBBS applicants, in Chinese/English). Letters must include phone number or email address.
6. A photocopy of passport and a recent photo (white background, 35mm×45mm in size).
7. Remittance receipt of the application fee (RMB 400 Yuan).
How to Apply
Please refer to the website

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